Hacking the mobile phone plan

Mobile phones have been around longer than the internet so it is no surprise that they weren’t designed with the internet in mind. That said that they have changed over time to allow internet access and it has become standard with most mobile phone plans or contracts. This has been great as mobile phones today consume more bandwidth over the internet than they actually use for calls, MMS or SMS. So if you are using phone mostly for internet services, why not game the system for the best internet package or download limit. The problem is this method will actually require you to change phone plans regularly and potentially get a new mobile number each time, which means you will need to update your phone number to your contacts regularly.

This is not an issue thanks to the internet and VOIP (Voice over IP). Together they allow you to purchase a phone number which you can use to make and receive calls over the internet using your mobile phone. As an example MyNetFone have some great plans on offer.

Many new phones have an inbuilt ability to accept VOIP calls, but if it does not a simple app like CSipSimple can enable VOIP calls over the mobile.

There is also the challenge of the two-factor authentication and those sms tokens over the mobile phone, but considering NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) as part of their draft guidelines due to security reasons are not recommending to use phones or mobile phones for authentication:

Note: Out-of-band authentication using the PSTN (SMS or voice) is deprecated, and is being considered for removal in future editions of this guideline.

So if we are willing to setup a VOIP phone number instead of the mobile number we can either change plans regularly and get some of the great introductory offers or get a data only plan.

Some telecommunication provides provide 365 day expiry, although it is more expensive, you save money with data that is not used within the expiry period, and if you use your data wisely this could save you a chunk of money compared with the other options, and avoid changing SIM cards regularly.

Alternatively using phones that support dual SIM cards that are both active may allow a seamless transfer from one telecommunications provider to the other. Also with a phone that supports wifi, you don’t even need a working SIM to receive or make calls at home or at the office.

So go forth and get a great deal for your mobile phone.