Education, Cyber Security and EduTech Conference

We will be speaking on Cyber Security at the EduTECH Conference on Friday, 8 June 2018 on the topic of “Top 3 cyber security network defences”.

EduTECH is a leading conference on Education and Technology with 10,000+ attendees, 200+ speakers and 260+ speakers/sponsors.

We are fortunate in Australia to be leading in the use of technology for Education. This means we also need to manage the cyber risks of technology. Here are a couple of reasons why Cyber Risks and hence Cyber Security apply to Education:

  • The Australian Privacy Act update (also referred to as Mandatory Breach Notification Law) requires cyber security for keeping people’s data private and protected otherwise fines may apply
  • The EU GDPR applies to using Cyber Security in keeping EU citizens data private with fines up to the greater of €20 Million or 4% annual global turnover.
  • As part of the “Duty of care” students need cyber security to be protected from the cyber risks through their use of the technology provided.
  • Increase in use of technology for self harm, dangerous stunts, sexual images (with and without consent), cyber bulling, stalking etc..
  • New students or employees may not choose to come to an institute that has previously breached private information due to lack of cyber security.


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We look forward to seeing you there.