Did you just use Windows XP ordering those fries ?

Did you just use Windows XP ordering those fries ?

WindowsXP is insecure, no longer supported and it is over 17 years old. This means if it was a person, it could drive a car and would be almost old enough to drink and vote.

So Microsoft have clearly stated that they no longer support WindowsXP, yet 1% of users on the internet are still using WindowsXP.

Yet, the chances are you have probably used something in the past couple of days that was using WindowsXP.

Why would someone use WindowsXP ?

  • Very cheap
  • Compatible with alot of 32bit applications
  • Uses small amount of resources

So is this a problem?

It is a problem as Windows XP is not secure because it has:

  • Known vulnerabilities which have no patch
  • No data encryption
  • No secure boot protection
  • Insecure password protection

WindowsXP can be secured and we have done this, but it requires alot of security expertise and work, to the point where using a secure operating system would make alot more economical sense.

This means using standard WindowsXP today is a significant risk and is waiting for a cyber attack.

In the example in the picture, would you still buy the meal if you knew it was Windows XP ?

So unfortunately many businesses are still making active decisions to use insecure systems that are likely to lead to a data breach of your personal details, data or credit cards.

At Vertex we help businesses with decisions about securing their entire business including the technology they use and the data they store.