Vertex Talks: How to get your Business Cybersecurity Ready

Vertex Talks: How to get your Business Cybersecurity Ready

Walk away with actionable insights to improve your business cybersecurity.

Without being Cybersecurity Ready it will become increasingly harder for businesses to raise funds, close deals and conduct business in new markets.

Being Cybersecurity Ready is not just protection, it is acting in the interests of all stakeholders of the business.

Today businesses operate in a digital economy. Regulators are increasing data regulation. Customers expect privacy as a minimum. The corporate world expects businesses to implement a respectable cybersecurity program. Disruption of business functions or data leaks due to cyber attacks are no longer perceived as just an IT problem but an example of business misconduct and reputations can be left in tatters. 

Identifying and understanding the cyber risks relevant to your business can be challenging. Implementing a cybersecurity program to mitigate them is harder still. 

Where can you start?

“How To Get Your Business Cybersecurity Ready” presents critical points in a digestible form that gives business leaders enough clarity and insight to get started.

We are happy to answer any questions concerning your business’s cybersecurity.

Who Should Attend:

  • CEO, COO, CFO, Partner
  • Founder, Director, VP
  • Consultants

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