Cyber Attacks Are Evolving. Is Your Company Prepared?

Cyber Attacks Are Evolving.  Is Your Company Prepared?

According to a recent report* cyber attacks are evolving in terms of their target and methods of attack. “There are on average 130 security breaches each year. Yet, 77% of organisations do not have a cybersecurity incident response plan”. The report shows that attack methods are using ransomware, phishing and social engineering attacks to penetrate companies. 

There are different ways to protect your business from cyber security attacks. One way is to enhance your data measures and apply extreme pressure testing because you should not only rely on compliance. Vertex Security specialises in pressure testing. It is one of the fastest ways to determine if your business is fully protected by identifying vulnerabilities before an attack.

If possible, automate different levels of processes within your business. This can help to reduce human error during routine transactions and decrease the risk of breaches into your system. Although, the best system of protection is to constantly evolve and adapt to face new threats. Having a specialist like Vertex Security on hand to help you stay on top of these threats is a good idea.

*Accenture report.