Vertex Talks: How To Handle Business Data In A Secure Manner

Vertex Talks: How To Handle Business Data In A Secure Manner

Walk away with actionable insights towards sound data management and governance.

Many businesses are coming to a realisation that they are data-driven.
Businesses create, store, communicate and use data on a daily basis to drive business value.

Data is now a business issue and not just technical jargon.

Regulators and law enforcement are holding businesses accountable as evidenced by the emergence of various data protection laws such as GDPR, NDB, and the increasing plethora of cyber laws in various jurisdictions around the globe.

Customers and business partners are expecting their data to be handled securely at a minimum. This can be seen with cybersecurity increasingly embedded in the modern due diligence process, and customer backlash to a data breach.

Some of the questions business leaders may have include:

  • How does the business stay compliant with data privacy?
  • How do we uphold our responsibilities to business stakeholders around data?
  • Where is our data right now and which data is the most critical?
  • What data is exposed right now?

“How To Handle Business Data In A Secure Manner” is a starting point for business leaders to gain clarity and insights on these issues.

Vertex is happy to answer any further questions regarding data security.
Appetisers and light refreshments will be provided.

Who Should Attend:

  • CEO, COO, CFO, Partner
  • Founder, Director, VP
  • Consultants

Date and Location:

15th of August, 2019
5.30 – 6.30pm.

Stone And Chalk,
Level 4
11 York St,

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