Has IBM had a data breach?

Has IBM had a data breach?

I recently received a *phishing email for an email address I never sent an email from and provided only once for signup at IBM many years ago.

Does this mean IBM was hacked and had a data breach that has never been made public? Or was this random email address guessed and used for phishing?

For consideration I have hundreds of email accounts that could of been guessed with similar likelihood, yet none of those email accounts received this phishing email.

Either way I’ve attached the screenshot of the phishing email and I’ll let you be the judge.



*This phishing email is trying to trick the recipient into paying money on the fake premise of recorded videos of you masturbating. One indication that it is fake is that they tell you the email address doesn't work, so you can't contact them. If you can't contact them how can you let them know you have paid to delete the videos?