Work with the Best Penetration Testing Experts in Australia

Work with the Best Penetration Testing Experts in Australia

We are penetration testing experts. Recently, our client compared the results of a Vertex Security penetration test to a US cyber security company’s penetration test. We uncovered 32% more vulnerabilities then the US company did in their report. 


Our customers come first. We diligently find every possible threat through our expert penetration testing services. We act as an approved hacker to exploit any weaknesses within your infrastructure. It’s best to use a third party like Vertex Security for your penetration testing to ensure there is no bias in the reporting. Also, to ensure it’s performed by a specialist who is aware of the latest international developments and industry standards.


If you’re wondering if you can conduct regular scans instead of a penetration test, that’s a good question. Regular scans only check and compare the findings to data that is often outdated. Hackers take any measure they can to penetrate your system. So, you need a third party to perform tests from the perspective of an attacker with the tools they use to gain access to your business.


By proactively penetrating the system, you communicate to your company’s board of directors and customers that you take every measure possible to protect them. You demonstrate that you take their investments seriously. It shows your company is putting effort into protecting confidential and sensitive business data. As of 1 July, 2019 CPS 234 now requires all Australian businesses to provide proof that their systems are compliant with industry standards and checks are set-up to ensure there are no vulnerabilities.


By working with us you will feel confident that you are doing your due diligence. You want to diminish threats, reduce your risk, protect against financial and informational loss, help boost your reputation and lower the chances of disrupting the business. 


We are located in both Sydney and Melbourne allowing us to either come into your office or perform the penetration testing from our head offices in Sydney. We provide both penetration testing and cyber security auditing services.