85% of Customers Will Never Do Business With You Again

85% of Customers Will Never Do Business With You Again

85% of customers will never do business with you again if your company experiences a cyber security breach. You need to attack the issue before it starts with a penetration test. 


Penetration testing is a managed and approved in-depth review of your systems. An authorised individual or team finds the gaps within your IT system to access your company’s assets. This is similar to what a hacker does to infiltrate your business, which is why penetration testing helps to prevent data incidents like a security breach


We go above and beyond compared to other penetration testing. We conduct the first test, then we return to test your system a second time. This ensures there is no possibility a hacker can penetrate your system. We then walk you through exactly which steps need to be implemented for your full protection. We add a human touch to every client experience and we see every opportunity as a partnership. 

Trust is a top requirement to maintaining a successful business. If your customer’s are worried about your data practices, and your corporate image is shattered, they may take their business elsewhere. Compromised customer information can be costly and negatively affect sales. This ruined reputation can negatively affect every aspect of your business.


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