COVID-19 Incident Response Plan

What is a CORONAVIRUS Response PLAN

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a virus that kills people and impacts businesses. So having an appropriate incident response plan is appropriate. The response plan should include factors for when it should be initiated, who to involve, how to assess and what to do in the event of a virus outbreak like COVID-19.

response plan INITIATION

The initiation of the response plan should factor around potential impacts to the employees and the business during  the virus outbreak which we will refer to as disaster from now on.

As an example, impacted employees may die or temporarily not be able to perform their work during the disaster.

Response Plan Contacts

Having a list of direct contacts and responsibilities can allow quick decisions before, during and after a disaster.

Response plan assessment

A structure assessment on a disaster will allow decisions and responses to be performed which will reduce the impact of the disaster.


Considering the assessment of the disaster and impacts, the appropriate actions can be taken. The actions could include:

  • People
    • Setup Automation
    • Setup work from home
  • Processes
    • Change processes to reduce impact
  • Business
    • Reduce variable costs
    • Reduce fixed costs
  • Technology
    • Use online conferencing
    • Use more of and increase dependency
    • Setup Automation
    • Increase cyber security

If you don’t have a response plan, now is a good time to set one up and start using it. Just understand that reducing the reliance on people will increase the reliance on technology which also increases the risk of a cyber security incident. 

So have you thought about a cyber security incident response plan?

Are you aware of the potential cyber security risks?

Contact Vertex Security if you want to have a chat about how we can help you be cyber security prepared and setup a cyber security disaster plan.

A cyber security DISASTER Plan is actionable in a virus outbreak.