How Secure Is Your Work From Home Setup?

How Secure Is Your Work From Home Setup?
How Secure Is Your Work From Home Setup? In the past, most employees connected to corporate networks from within your office walls. Now, cybercriminals are shifting their attention from offices to people’s homes in an attempt to get into your business. Because of this, you now need to care about how your staff operate from home to keep your business secure.
An important consideration is the strength of home user’s wireless networks.

If they’re using a WPA2 wireless password, which has most likely not been changed for 2 years, it’s probably not going to stand up to an attack from a malicious attacker.

Another aspect to consider is their home router that’s not set-up with firewalls. If you think about it, when did you last change update your router or change your Wi-Fi password? Other insecure devices added to home networks such as tvs, kids toys, infected mobiles and security cameras should be considered as they also allow for easier access.

If a malicious attacker can connect to your employee’s home network, your company network is now open to them across the VPN your staff are using to connect for work purposes. They are now in your network from the comfort of their own home. 
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