Why Implement Business Cyber Training?

Why Implement Business Cyber Training?
Why should your business implement cyber training? Right now, with corporate networks extended to accommodate working from home set-ups, more networks than ever are vulnerable to cyber risks. 
Employees can’t be expected to be cyber security aware or safe if they haven’t been trained. We’re making it easier than ever to train your employees on the complex subject of cyber security from the comfort of their own homes. Our training is offered via an online platform through online training videos that are easy to understand and follow. It prepares your employees for real cyber attacks as well as becoming cyber aware. It also helps your business to comply with ISO 27001-2.
Vertex Cyber Training Overview
We take a complex subject and break it down into smaller pieces so your employees can understand and relate to each video. We even throw in a bit of humour to keep it light and relatable! As the employer, you control the speed and schedule of the training by selecting the program subjects and how often they’re available each week or each month. We frequently add new content to ensure your employees stay up to date on the latest there’s and attacks. The cyber security environment changes rapidly and we want to make sure your business is always protected.
What our online cyber security training includes
What Are The Benefits Of Cyber Awareness Training For Leadership?
  • Visibility of training activities and reports of employees
  • High ROI for Cyber Security due to low online costs
  • Globally employees recognised as one of the highest risk
  • Can be attached with business outcomes, KPI, OKR or policies
About Vertex Security
Vertex Security Founder, Martin Boyd. Martin is a Former Executive Manager of Cyber Security at the Commonwealth Bank and a Lecturer at the Macquarie UniversityOptus Cyber Security Hub. We provide deep expertise to tailor your cyber security needs to your business objectives. We communicate security insights proficiently to activate effective action.
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