Almost 1 of 3 Australian Adults Are Affected By Cyber Crime

Almost 1 of 3 Australian Adults Are Affected By Cyber Crime

Unfortunately, almost 1 of 3 Australian adults are affected by cyber crime. Here’s what you need to know about the state of Australian Cyber Security.

Australian News and Statistics in Cyber Crime and Cyber Security
Shadow Minister Jim Chalmers reported that cyber threat costs Australian businesses (regardless of size) $29 Billion each year according to the Department of Home Affairs at a Cyber Security Summit in Canberra last October 2019.

For a Small to Medium Business owner, a cyber threat could be a disaster for them and their business reputation. 87% of Australian SMBs believe that they are safe from attacks with Antivirus software alone. While this is an essential part of security assets, business need more protection. 

The Greatest Risk for Cyber Security in Your Business
Cyber security experts help to protect your business and implement important services. One of the most important services is employee training because human error happens to the best of us. Everyone can be susceptible to opening an attachment from someone who you thought was critical to your business. Some of the main errors based on the OAIC figures include:

Contact Information – 39.42%
Finance Details – 20.49 %
Identity Documents – 15.52 %
Health Documents – 11.78%
Tax File Number (TFN) – 8.71%
Others – 4.07%
You can get started protecting your business from the greatest risk today. Sign-up for our free cyber security employee training. Learn more about our cyber security services and how we can work together. 

Australian Statistics Source: Department of Home Affairs and Smart Online Australia