Cyber Awareness Training: Key Questions Answered

Cyber Awareness Training: Key Questions Answered
Cyber awareness training answers key questions such as: is my business ready for a phishing attack where 1 in 5 malicious emails are successful? Or, how does my business ensure employees are being cyber security aware and safe?

These are two key questions to answer in order to protect your business against cyber threats and employees can’t be expected to be Cyber Security aware or safe if they haven’t been trained. 
Awareness training education protects your staff and business against cyber threats. It helps create s cyber security incident response plan to change the habits and behaviours of your staff. Training creates a sense of shared accountability in keeping your business safe. 

What’s Included With Our Cyber Awareness Training?
The online training videos allow you to schedule the training that works best for your business’s schedule. We help answer all employee questions to ensure there is complete understanding of a complex subject. Most importantly, we prepare employees for real cyber attacks 

Leadership Benefits
Globally employees are recognised as one of the highest cyber risks. As business owners, you have a legal responsibility to keep your business and customer information safe. That’s why having a cyber security training program is vital.

Cyber awareness training can be attached to business outcomes, KPI, OKR or policies through the employee training visibility, activities and reports. This helps lead to high cyber security return on investments due to low online costs.  

Cyber security is continuously evolving. Keeping everybody up to date could be the difference between whether or not a criminal accesses your business’s money or data.

Get started protecting your business from the greatest risk today. Sign-up for our free cyber security employee training. Learn more about our cyber security services and how we can work together.