Why Your Company Needs A Cyber Security Resiliency Audit

Why Your Company Needs A Cyber Security Resiliency Audit
There are many reasons why your company needs a cyber security resiliency audit. For starters, very few companies have the in-house resources and knowledge to effectively secure their information systems against cyber crimes and attacks which are one of the biggest threats to businesses today. Thus, making it imperative to perform an audit so you know exactly where your security stands.

Also, many Australian businesses are working off an older infrastructure due to under-investment in cyber security and ageing legacy systems making them particularly vulnerable. These systems are now linked to online enterprise systems, which makes them potential targets. If your business is running off older systems with low priority cyber security you need to discover your vulnerabilities before a malicious hacker finds out. 

In 2020, $3.9M is the average cost of a data breach and in 2019 it took 209 days to identify a breach (on average and 314 days from the breach to containment (source IBM).

As a top Australian business cyber expert, we partner with you to mitigate your business exposure to risk, plus provide solutions to protect your data and brand reputation against both internal and external threats from the rapidly evolving threat landscape. This also helps you to report the company’s cyber risk to senior management, auditors, and regulators. 

We’re 100% focused on cybersecurity and provide both technical and high-level audit services to your organisation. We engage and cut through the cyber complexity to demonstrate your specific exposure to cyber risk, across your entire business landscape to identify your existing weaknesses. We offer two major audit solutions.

Cyber Risk Audit

  • An organisation-wide audit.
  • We determine the risks associated with Technology.
  • We advised appropriate controls with our next step recommendations.
  • ISO 27001 and NIST 800-53 associated risks would be considered.

Cyber Program High-Level Audit

  • Specific audit for the Technology Program Eg: Web Application, Android/iOs Application, Windows Application.
  • We will audit the way the technology is being used by your IT team and determine if they’re following best practices.
  • A different version of the programs could be audited.
  • Infrastructure and security architecture advice would be provided to Tech Leads.
The employee landscape has changed since COVID. We also offer working from home cyber audits as well. Let’s make information security training a priority in your company! Start your free trial today. 
Let an expert provide you with the right insight to make decisions today. Let us help protect your business so you don’t become a victim of cyber crime.