Business Cyber Security Responsibility: Part 1

Business Cyber Security Responsibility: Part 1
The pace of cyber attacks in our current environment could match a nuclear war, but business cyber security responsibility attribution can be hard. Statistically, the greatest percentage of data breaches are due to human error (source OAIC). 
Generally, the cause of these incidents does not come from employee malicious intent. It’s often because of a poor, untrained decision about which apps should access and transfer company information. Or, it can be as small as an employee transferring company files onto a public cloud storage service. Even forwarding an email can open a company up to data loss or theft.
Businesses who invest in employee cyber security training already have a much better foot forward with protection. Employee training is not enough, businesses need a robust security defence to prevent any attacks. 70% of Australian consumers would walk away from a company that experiences a security breach. It’s no longer a nice to have, it’s vital that your company makes data protection a top priority.
While many people assume cyber security responsibility lies with untrained employees or the executive team who didn’t approve the training costs, ultimately it’s the responsibility of the CEO. The risks are becoming greater and greater. Every business’s executive team needs to know the business’s risk when it comes to security. 
The absolute best way of ensuring your employees – and ultimately your business – are protected is by hiring a local, professional business cyber security expert. At Vertex Security we detect, respond, investigate, stop and resolve real world cyber attacks for Australian companies every day.