Cyber Security Audits Are as Important as Annual Financial Audits

Cyber Security Audits Are as Important as Annual Financial Audits
Now that the End of Financial Year is over you may be thinking you can sigh a breath of relief from audits. Not so fast! Cyber security audits are just as important as annual financial audits. Cyber Security Auditing is a method of staying secure and continuously improving security.

Particularly, in response to COVID-19 and the immediate rise of employees working from home which happened much faster than most businesses expected or prepared for. Working from home solves and creates problems for even the most well-prepared business.
Unfortunately, issues maintaining business network security are spread across a variety of locations and work setups. Without the right protection in place, remote working is not safe for your employees or your business. Let’s take the commonly used VPN for example.

VPNs provide a basic level of security, however, the latest security breaches continue to become more and more sophisticated. VPNs were never meant to be used within the volume of remote working happening today. They were also not created to protect IoT devices, mobile networks and flexible work environments. 

What’s more concerning is that once an employee enters the network, they have full visibility of everything whether they need to or not. This means that as soon as one employee is hacked, it is extremely easy for attackers to gain access to the entire network.
The VPN is just one example of the many ways companies can be under siege in the cyber security environment today. It’s essential to have a local, professional cyber security expert perform cyber security auditing. Contact us today so you can truly start to breathe a sign of relief!