Gain More Visibility and Insight Into Your Business

Gain More Visibility and Insight Into Your Business
If you want to gain more visibility and insight into your business by monitoring your employees for regulatory, compliance and security reasons we understand your concerns and needs. We have the perfect solution for you. 
Imagine one of your employees receives an email from their bank requesting them to urgently check a notification in their account. The email shows the bank’s logo and all the signs of official communication they receive from time to time. They innocently click on the link from their work computer and they’re taken to a website that also appears to be their bank’s official website – but it’s not! It’s a malicious phishing website created to steal information and gain access to your systems. 
Cyber attackers prey on the innocence of employees and businesses every day. The majority of phishing attacks are not due to malicious employees but one who is unaware that phishing attacks even exist. 
What if there is a way to use AI intelligence to watch your employee’s computers automatically? To notify your employee of a phishing website and be able to easily report the website? We have the perfect solution to ease your worries and protect your business from cyber attacks. It’s called XSurf Log and it’s free forever for 30 days of logs. 

On average 27%, of people click on dangerous phishing links. XSurf Log is a browser extension that tracks browser activity on Mac, Windows, mobile and tablet. It provides insight, detection and protection instantly. Plus, we make it easy to report malicious phishing websites so they can’t trick anyone else. 

It’s helpful for current employees as well as monitoring employees who are about to leave the business by providing visibility and insight into website and phishing link attacks that can be useful for security investigations.

XSurf Log helps to ensure your business meets cyber security standards through the internet be compliant with ISO 27001-27002, NIST SP 800 53, EU GDPR and other cyber security standards.
Sign up for XSurf Log today to feel fully protected from innocent phishing attacks. We also offer cyber security employee training which is the first step to ensure employees are aware of phishing attacks.