Ensure Your Employee Work From Home Set-up Is Protected

Ensure Your Employee Work From Home Set-up Is Protected
As employees continue to work from home, cyber security attacks continue to increase in Australia. Cyber attackers are focusing more and more on small and medium businesses and the top cyber attack is through phishing emails. Ensure your employee work from home set-up is protected. 
What are phishing emails and websites?
Phishing emails steal personal information and usually come from a well-known organisation like credit card companies, government accounts, or mobile phone companies. Cyber attackers lure employees with official looking emails that encourage them to click a link asking for personal information that an official organisation would never request through email.
We offer a free and easy way to protect all of your employee’s work computers from phishing attacks with XSurf Log. It is the only product to detect and protect against phishing logins. 
A browser extension that tracks browser activity on Mac, Windows, mobile and tablet providing insight, detection and protection instantly. Browsing the internet can be dangerous and it only takes one link to compromise an account or computer. 
XSurf Log is designed for companies of all sizes and can bring peace of mind from phishing attacks. Sign up for XSurf Log today for full protection. 
We also offer cyber security employee training which is the first step to ensure employees are aware of phishing attacks. Awareness is the first step to increasing your business’ security.