How Do You Know If You’ve Been Hacked?

How Do You Know If You’ve Been Hacked?
If you’re a small to medium-sized business owner with multiple employees who are all working remotely how do you know if you’ve been hacked? You’re hearing more stories about businesses being hacked but that would never happen to your business, right? Or, are you just waiting for the impact of being hacked to find out?

One of the best things a company can do to protect themselves against the downfall from a cyber attack is to take advantage of a cyber security professional’s expertise. You want someone who has faced a major attack, who knows how to handle working with hackers and most importantly who knows what steps to take as quickly as possible to limit the destruction that can come from an attack. 

Learn From The Larger Companies Being Hacked

Equipping your company with someone’s experience who has been through it before provides benefits to set up systems that can prevent damaging attacks as well as ensuring your business process is foolproof in case you are hacked.

It’s important to have good resilience and recovery programmes. The best way to do this is by employing and partnering with a cyber security expert. Someone who has successfully field-tested and experienced attacks with other companies. Someone who can help make or break your company’s reaction to a cyberattack.

Simple Ways To Protect Your Company Today
Every day cyber attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated, yet so are the cyber security techniques used to detect, monitor and block them. Even so, with the right employee training, there are some effective and simple prevention tools you can implement with your employees today.

We are in a new era of almost all employees working remotely now. So, we must adjust to this accordingly and the importance of security training becomes even more enhanced since employees working from home no longer have the same cultural, office cues and expectations. You can also ask all employees to download XSurflog, a free browser extension created by Vertex Security, that monitors for spammy phishing websites to provide visibility and protection for working from home.

Another way to protect your company is from a risk-management level. It starts from the top and businesses must invest adequately in their security measures. As well as their rapid response plans for data recovery, and how they will communicate to investors and customers if a breach happens. 

high-level cyber security strategy ensures everything is in place and helps to drive the cyber security responsibility in your organisation. 

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