Instantly Improve Your Staff’s Cyber Security Knowledge

Instantly Improve Your Staff’s Cyber Security Knowledge
Almost half of the Australian population has spent time working from home since the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns. This has led to a large increase in COVID-related cyber threats and incidents. While employees can be the cause of risks they can also be your business’ first defence. Instantly improve your staff’s cyber security knowledge with our team’s help today. 
To help businesses improve their staff cybersecurity skills, Vertex Security offers employee cyber trainingwork from home security audits and XSurf Log – a browser protector and monitor that instantly protects employee’s browsing once it’s easily installed onto their computers as a browser extension. 
A recent study revealed that employees are confidently making 90% of all security awareness mistakes. What this means is that when they’re questioned about cyber security awareness while working from home, employees were confident they answered correctly. They thought they could explain what they should do in the case an incident or data breach. Even when they chose the wrong answer, they were still sure that they had selected the correct option.
The most difficult learning objectives range from what some may think are similar tasks to the more difficult, including:
  • How to install software updates
  • Reasons why employees should use corporate IT resources (such as mail and messaging services or cloud storage) when working from home
  • Why they should use virtual machines

The COVID-19 pandemic has secured every single business’s need for cyber security protection. We have seen so many small and medium business as well as huge corporations hit by cyber threats this year. We want to do everything we can to not only prevent this from happening to you but give your staff the knowledge and confidence they know exactly how to respond if your are attacked. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us about our work from home employee cyber trainingwork from home security audits and XSurf Log today.