Cyber Training and Mock Cyber Attack Services

Cyber Training and Mock Cyber Attack Services

We provide mock Cyber Attack services to create awareness among the employees.

Some of the mock Cyber Attack services we do and the types of Cyber Training we offer:

  • Social Engineering Mock Cyber Attack Services
  • Email Phishing Awareness Training & Simulation Attack Services
  • USB Drop Penetration Mock Attack Services
  • Post Attack reporting and Training Services
  • Mock Tailgating and Physical Penetration Attack Services
  • Whaling / Vishing Attack Services
  • Employee Cyber Security training Services
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We use Industry standard tools for conducting Mock cyber attacks, Cyber Security training and assessments. Phriendly phishing is an effective method of creating an awareness on security among the employees.

We are one among the top 8 Cyber Security Companies chosen for the NSW-India Cyber Security Exchange. Click here to read about it.

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