Working from Home Cyber Security Audit

Working from Home Cyber Security Audit

Get a handle on cyber risks from working from home.

Working from home has different cyber security risks and threats that need to be understood and managed differently. 

We can perform our audit’s remotely with Zoom or Google Meet. Through some simple questions and our technology we can gather all the information to perform our assessment and provide an Audit report. Our Audit report includes an explanation of each Cyber Risk and the actions to take to reduce the Risk.

Working from Home Cyber Audit

Risks Include:
  • Personal Computers / BYOD 
  • Cloud  Platforms
  • Employee Behaviour
  • Internet Access
  • VPN Setup
  • Network / Router Setup
  • Communication Risk
  • Malicious Websites and Software
  • Business Computers
Security Investigators

Don’t let your business become a victim of Cyber Crime.

Cyber attacks are the biggest threats to businesses, perform an audit to know where you stand in your security.

We follow the best practivies including standards ISO 27001 & NIST 800-53.

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